Press Release 2012

SEIKO appoints new star spokesperson, Multi-talented international music sensation Wang Leehom chosen to reflect SEIKO artistries

20 April 2012
Asian super showbiz star Leehom Wang began in 2011 his star endorsement for SEIKO watches in Greater China, North Asia and Asia-Pacific. His showbiz ingenuity and versatility are so illustrative of the matching qualities of SEIKO that the watches have since been winning ever-higher star-class commendation and attraction in Asia.

SEIKO is proud to have garnered Leehom’s endorsement this year, through a brand new series of TV and print advertisements. The elite production crew from Leehom’s last SEIKO advertising campaign was responsible for the creation of the new series, featuring the artistry of Japanese TV commercial director and writer Kenshin Nawa. He is Japan’s first TVC director with a master degree in cinematography and has been winners of multiple awards for advertising films, documentaries, short films and even 3D movies. The new SEIKO advertising series is also proud to have top award-winnning Japanese photographer Koji Kayano to oversee the production of the print versions.

Back in Leehom’s Taipei hometown the cast and crew worked closely in a studio. The creative theme underscored Leehom’s musical ingenuity, creativity, originality and versatility. In a wide range of styles and temperaments Leehom radiated his sporty spruce, his dressed-up charm and his easy-going personality. The shooting day was cold, but Leehom still worked with the crew professionally, discussing with the director and the photographer on technical and artistic issues. His dedication made the crew understood with immensity both his active and quiet sides, which are symbolic of his showbiz versatility.

The impeccable synergy thus created between the crew and Leehom has now been embodied in the new SEIKO advertising series, which is set to impress and inspire audiences, readers and fans in this part of the world. Awed they will all be.

Leehom Wang, a dedicated musician, shares the same charisma with SEIKO - dedicated to perfection.

Leehom Wang, in a casual look, interprets the dynamic spirit of SEIKO with his energetic personality.

When Leehom Wang works with the famous director Kenshin Nawa once again, the scene is full of sparkles!

During the photo shooting, the entire production team is working conscientiously and professionally.