Press Release 2012

A perfect matching, a unique personality
Sammi Cheng reappointed as the brand icon of SEIKO Criteria watches for ladies

3 July 2012

Sammi Cheng is undoubtedly the avant-garde trendsetter in Asia.   With her unique style and fashion sense, Sammi is also recognized as the most popular fashion icon in Hong Kong.  Last year, the first time ever, Sammi was appointed as spokeswoman for SEIKO Criteria watches for ladies.  Sammi, with her extraordinary charm and chic appeal, perfectly reflects Criteria’s new and ever-changing charisma.  SEIKO is proud to collaborate with Sammi once again this year. 

To highlight the renewal of Sammi’s endorsement, a new series of SEIKO women’s Criteria advertisements and commercial featured the Asian showbiz veteran will also be launched in the region soon.  The theme of the ad campaign “Relentlessly pursue for inspiration, create your own path of trend”, perfectly illustrates the spirit of both Sammi and SEIKO leading the trend in different aspects.

The photo shooting was conducted by Hong Kong famous photographer Mr. CK Chan. CK has participated in numerous well-known international advertising campaigns.  In 2008, he was appointed to be the official photographer of the 28th Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony.  Mr. Bruce Yu, the well-respected art director in the film production industry, was commissioned to create various stunning new looks tailor-made for Sammi - refreshing and elegant, lively and pretty - to present her energetic character in this summer.

Sammi shared an uplifting and friendly spirit with dozen of smiles during the photo shooting.  She demonstrated her confidence and professionalism by interacting thoughtfully with the crew team.   Being a superstar and trendsetter, the charisma of Sammi is fully expressed in the new ad series.  It will definitely capture the attention of Sammi’s fans, the audience, and especially SEIKO’s fans.

Sammi is fully devoted in the photo shooting with a high standard of professionalism.

Sammi previews the shooting effect together with the crew.

A refreshing and elegant styling reveals the graceful and quiet side of Sammi.

The lively and pretty outlook of Sammi fully unveils her vivacious personality.