Press Release

SEIKO launches Premier Kinetic Perpetual: A watch with eternal power and leap year calendar

1 October 2013

Singapore, 24th September , 2013: -- Today, SEIKO proudly announces the launch of the Premier Kinetic Perpetual Calendar: a trend-setting yet highly-sophisticated timepiece that never requires a battery and winding while indicating leap years, the current month, day or night and the time.  For added reliability, the 100-metre water resistance of the watch guarantees trust-worthy time-keeping and time-telling functions in all normal conditions.  No wonder why top Asian pop artiste Leehom Wang, spokesperson of SEIKO watches, is always fascinated by SEIKO Premier.


SEIKO Premier Kinetic Perpetual Calendar works with an exclusive and highly-accurate SEIKO movement that needs no battery—but only the movements of the wearer’s arm to convert human kinetic energy into electrical energy, with which the watch will tell an unexpected array of time elements, from the second, minute and hour, the day or night, the date, the month to even the progression to the next leap year!


The amazing design of SEIKO Kinetic watches will allow the movement to conserve human kinetic energy by going to power save mode, after having been left idle for 24 hours. When the watch is not in use, it enters the sleep mode while still measuring time for up to four years! Simply by swinging the watch from side to side to activate the watch, the memory of the movement can adjust and reset the second, minute and hour hands of timepiece back to the current time.     


As for the perpetual calendar, SEIKO Premier Kinetic Perpetual can tell time in a way that very few mechanical watches could: by automatically indicating the time, the date, the month, even in leap years, till 2100 Feb!  Are all automatic and accurate without manual operation!


SEIKO Premier Kinetic Perpetual features a rose gold crown, a matt black dial with Roman numerals indices, stainless steel case and bracelet. The perfect combination of the design, materials and the kinetic movement and the functions creates an elegant and reliable timepiece.


Every SEIKO customer is entitled to a comprehensive after-sales service. Please be reminded to pay special attention to verify the Certificate of Guarantee at purchase - there is a red label with Singapore area code “521S1” on the front of the card while the model number of the watch and the name of the retailer are printed on the back of the card.  For product details, please contact SEIKO’s distributor, Thong Sia Co (S) Pte Ltd at 6737 6122 or visit

With SEIKO Premier Kinetic Perpetual, time-keeping and time-telling become ever reliable.  Suggested retail price: SGD1289.40
Top Asian pop artiste Leehom Wang stars in advertisings for SEIKO Premier Kinetic Perpetual